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Q.How do I bypass a FlashGet download?
A.Check Disable Monitor Browser in the Drop Zone or Tray context (right-click) menu.

Q.The "Download All By FlashGet" and "Download using FlashGet" options don't work?
A.1.Reinstall FlashGet and then run FlashGet again. Restart your browser. Also make sure you don't install FlashGet in a directory containing non-English characters.
2.Reinstall IE browser.

Q.No IE monitoring (click detection) at all. What's wrong?
A.Make sure Download All by FlashGet and Download using FlashGet options are enabled. Refer to the above question. Due to the enormous amount of software that monitor browser clicks, there are often conflicts that leads to undetected browser clicks. FlashGet is capable of using two different IE monitoring methods. Switch to the other method if the first one doesn't work. It's recommended you to restart the computer after doing this. If only part of the clicks were not detected, it is because IE did not transfer the URL to clipboard. URL tracking will be improved by using an additional method in future versions.

Q.When using IE5.5, after FlashGet monitors clicks, IE displays a error page. What's wrong?
A.Monitor method 1 does not work with IE 5.5 very well, please switch to method 2.

Q.How come some files can ONLY be downloaded by using the browser?
A.Some sites only allow you to download files from specific browsers. Go to Tools menu, Options... , then Protocol and set User-Agent as Internet Explorer 5.x;. This allows FlashGet to identify itself as IE5.x. Some other sites restrict users to use a referrer page. If that's the case, enter the referrer page URL under job Properties. As an example, there's a link to the FlashGet file on http://www.flashget.com/download.htm. The referrer in this case would be http://www.flashget.com/download.htm

Q.Click Monitoring with Netscape,Mozilla and Opera
A.Click here for more information.

Q.Click monitoring doesn't work on a specific web site. Why?
A.Sites which use CGI re-directs to files can confuse IE and FlashGet. Try holding CTRL and ALT when clicking the link you want if it isn't working automatically. This will force FlashGet to try and download the file.For recommend please install Opera and FlashGet Opera plug-in, flashget will catch the URLs automatically.

Q.Can not download files using IE?
A.Few version of IE will import Opera plug-in and you must install FlashGet Opera Plug-in, please remove FlashGet Opera plug-in and any files npfgc1.dll,npfgc2.dll,npfgc3.dll and delete relative registry items under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Plugins\Extension(run regedit.exe)

Q.Can't find "Download All By FlashGet" and "Download using FlashGet" in Netscape,Mozilla and Opera browser?
A.This feature only support by IE. this is limtions of other browser.
Flashgot is an extension for integrating FlashGet and Mozilla Firefox 0.9 or later. It is available on Mozilla Update. Note that some antivirus software may incorrecly claim that it has a virus, as it uses Visual Basic Script (.vbs) files when integrating with Internet Explorer. Thanks Giorgio Maone. see How Customizing Opera's context-menus.

Q.How do I close the shareurl function?
A.You can goto Tools->Option...->Mirrors , disable " Enable Mirrors " .


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