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 Frequently Asked Questions

·How do I bypass a FlashGet download
·The "Download All By FlashGet" and "Download using FlashGet" options don't work
·No IE monitoring (click detection) at all.
·How come some files can ONLY be downloaded by using the browser.
·Click Monitoring with Netscape,Mozilla and Opera
·Click monitoring doesn't work on a specific web site. Why?
·Can not download files using IE
·Can't find "Download All By FlashGet" and "Download using FlashGet" in Netscape,Mozilla and Opera browser
·How do I close the shareurl function

 Proxy Server

·I'm using Mircosoft's proxy server software. The user name and the password are correct, but the download doesn't start.
·How do I use FlashGet? How do I use a proxy server?
·Trouble connecing using an ISA Proxy server


·Cannot create or open file
·I download from an FTP server with broken downloads (resume) support via a proxy server, but FlashGet always starts downloading from the beginning. Why?
·What is the PASV mode (passive mode)?
·I can't retrieve a file from an FTP server! What can I do?
·Socket Error 100xx

 User interface/Error Message

·Some windows (like the main job list window) don't display information. What's wrong?
·Clicking on X only minimizes FlashGet.
·Lost advert.dll?
·How come the speed decreases when 99% were done?
·DLL required and a device not functioning problems (especially in Windows95)
·"Failed to create empty document" occurs when running FlashGet.
·FlashGet will auto close about five seconds
·Toolbar display incorrect


·Why doesn't FlashGet include ranking download system like other download managers do?
·Linux Version?

 How to do...

·How do I make FlashGet invoke my Virus scanner and scan downloaded files automatically?
·How to use FlashGet's management features? How to set default download folder?
·How download files one by one?
·How to Increase/Decrease split parts?


·BitTorrent jobs slow down other download jobs, what can I do?

 Web Sites

·Can I put a link to flashget.com from my web site?
·How download from boxup.com?
·How download from freedrive.com?


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 User manual
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