Quick Start
OK, so you've installed FlashGet. Now, whenever your browser is asked to download a file, FlashGet will be launched automatically to download it. Click on OK and the download process will start.

If flashget can't start automatically, please see Browser Monitor settings or How add a download to FlashGet

If it can't download, look at the detail window to determine the problem. Usually it's because you're not using a Proxy Server in FlashGet. Because FlashGet can make use of proxy servers, you should configure a proxy server by going to the Tools menu then Options... and clicking the Proxy tab. Refer to FlashGet Options (Tools > Options... in the FlashGet menu) for further details.

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What is FlashGet?
FlashGet features

Installing FlashGet.
Updating FlashGet.
Uninstalling FlashGet

Quick Start
Getting started with FlashGet in a hurry.

Managing download jobs
Getting info on the properties of your downloads, and learning about the different ways to get FlashGet to do its stuff.

What's the meaning behind those funny icons?

The FlashGet menu items explained.

Managing files
Getting those files organized.

Interface settings
Doing things your way. Changing this and that for a better FlashGet experience.

Tools > Options. All those tabs explained! This is the heart of FlashGet.

Site Explorer
Browse Ftp&Http Site.

Frequently-Asked Questions.

Credit where credit is due.