Interface Settings
FlashGet lets you adjust various toolbar and download job information. FlashGet puts all the information within easy reach so you can get to your download information with the greatest ease. Information such as Status, Resume, Name, Size, Completed, Percent, Elapsed, Left, Speed, Num, Retry, URL, Comment, Create time, Complete time.

By clicking on the View menu, then clicking on Column, you can rearrange, include or exclude columns to your preference.
Note: The columns in Download and Downloaded sections of FlashGet are different. You are only able to customize the columns in Download.

Customizing the toolbar
By clicking on the View menu, Toolbar then Show Text, you can choose whether or not you want text labels displayed for each button on the toolbar.
By clicking on the View menu, Toolbar then Buttons, you can choose which toolbar buttons to display, simply by adding or removing buttons from the two boxes in the window.

Tip: The graph and log colours can be customized to your preference too, just by going to Tools > Options... > Graph/Log.

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Quick Start
Getting started with FlashGet in a hurry.

Managing download jobs
Getting info on the properties of your downloads, and learning about the different ways to get FlashGet to do its stuff.

What's the meaning behind those funny icons?

The FlashGet menu items explained.

Managing files
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Interface settings
Doing things your way. Changing this and that for a better FlashGet experience.

Tools > Options. All those tabs explained! This is the heart of FlashGet.

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