The FlashGet Menu

The FlashGet menu is the key to fully benefiting from its broad capabilities. The items under each menu and explanations for each are given below.

Job List PopMenu
Log&Info Windows Popup Menu
Links Windows Menu
TrayIcon&Drop Zone Popup Menu

Main Menu
New Create a new download data file.
Open a existing download data file.
Save the current data file.
Save as
Save the current data file with a new name.
Import file Add previously finished/unfinished download files to the job list.
Import Batch file
Add batch jobs that had not been downloaded and/or categorized by FlashGet. FlashGet is able to create categories according to directories.
Export Information This outputs a list of your current database, showing what files were downloaded, where they were downoaded from, etc. A dialog box is presented to you showing where you would like the list saved. The list can either be a HTML list easily viewed in your browser or a log file (with the extension .log). The HTML file's "look and feel" can be customized with either the Normal option, or the Table option available to you under the drop-down Style menu. You can also open the Normal.jcs and table.jcs files from the FlashGet directory (in Notepad, for example) and design your own customized HTML file to export to.

Tip: If you are going to manually change Normal.jcs and Table.jcs, do not change the content fields of Normal.jcs and Table.jcs, just the html tags. Also don't forget to save using another name, with the extension jcs.

This option exports the downloaded file(s) and the download information. You can swap files between FlashGets by adding files to the other one. For example, files and download information can be copied from computer a to computer b.
Most recent download jobs
This is useful to list the recently downloaded files that you can't quite locate (for whatever reason) in the main FlashGet window. Double-clicking on a file in the Recent download Jobs list will automatically locate it for you in the main FlashGet window. This option is also useful to see what was downloaded while you were gone or while you slept - all in a nice, short listing, away from the clutter of your other downloads. The default is 10 recently downloaded files. You can input another value, and have it activated by simply clicking in the on the Go To button, or just by clicking in the file list.
Exits FlashGet. If jobs are running, a prompt will pop up and let you know if you still want to exit.

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New Category...
Create a new download category. FlashGet allows the creation of unlimited categories.
Move to... Move the selected category/categories to another category.
Delete the selected category/categories. Note that when deleting a category, all its jobs will be deleted too.
Change the properties of the selected category here.

Paste URL
Paste a URL that you've copied to the clipboard to create a new job.
Select all
Select every job in the current category.
Invert selection
Change the selected items to unselected, and the unselected items to selected.
Search for a download item by Name, URL or Comment.
Find next
Find the next download job according to the properties you used in Find.

Hide or show the detail window (the bottom window graphically showing the FlashGet download and splits at work)
Drop zone Hides or shows the FlashGet drop zone.
Toolbar > Show text Shows or hides the text labels on the toolbar. Hiding the text will also make the buttonos smaller and conserve desktop "real estate". Useful if you're already familiar with the toolbar's functions.
Toolbar/Buttons... Change button settings
Columns... Column settings. For more detail see Interface settings.
Change your language here.
Currently, FlashGet supports more than 40 languages.

New download Create a new download
Add batch download
Use Add batch download if there are a lot of files to download and they have a pattern in their names. For example; to FlashGet now supports alphabetical ordering, i.e. to
If you want download to
From 1 to 10, WildChar is 2.

Start downloading.
Stop downloading.
Pause all
Stops every downloading job.
Schedule download(s).
Move to...
Move the selected job(s) to another category.
Delete selected job(s).
Move up
Move the selected job(s) up, the higher the job the earlier it will be downloaded, hold ALT and move the selected file(s) to top.
Move down
Move the selected job(s) down, the lower the job the later it will be downloaded, hold Alt and move the selected file(s) to bottom
Check for update
See whether the downloaded file has been updated or not.
Download again
  Download the file again.


Connect/Disconnect   Hang Up or dial.
Site Explorer  Open a new Site Explorer window.
Hang Up When Done Tells FlashGet to hang up when finished downloading.
Shut Down When Done When this is set, FlashGet will disconnect from internet and shutdown your computer on exit (usefull if you leave your PC turned on only to download files).
Redial if Disconnected FlashGet will automatically redial if disconnected from the net.

Speed Limit Mode
Since FlashGet is always hungry for bandwidth, it makes other network programs such as browsers hard to work when FlashGet is running. This feature will allow you to download files with FlashGet and still use your web browser without as much loss of performance.

  • Unlimited: No traffic regulation. FlashGet can use as much bandwidth as it needs.
  • Manual: Bandwidth for FlashGet is controlled by the user by using a slidebar on the status bar (lower-right corner of the window).
  • Automatic: FlashGet monitors activity of outbound connections, and spare a certain amount of bandwidth to each new connction.

Save as default Saves current settings as default
Options used by the whole program

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Job List Windows Popup Menu

job.gif (3007 bytes)

Copy URL to Clipboard Copies all selected downloads to clipboard
Comment modify job's comment

Browser Referer Open referer page in browser
Fix corrupted Zip File Automatic check zip archive only download corrupted range.

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Log&Info Windows Popup Menu

info.gif (5592 bytes)

Copy Copy all selected content to clipboard
Select All Select all content
Save to file Save the window's content to one txt file


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Links Window Popup Menu

link.gif (9106 bytes)
Add to job List Download selected URL
Open in browser Open selected URL in browser
Select Select URL base on Sites and file extension.
Sort By Sort items by Type,Title and URL

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TrayIcon&Drop Zone Popup Menu

Monitor Clipborad Any URL you copy to clipboard automatically adds to queue
Disalbe Browser Monitoring
temporary disable FlashGet monitor feature

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What is FlashGet?
FlashGet features

Installing FlashGet.
Updating FlashGet.
Uninstalling FlashGet

Quick Start
Getting started with FlashGet in a hurry.

Managing download jobs
Getting info on the properties of your downloads, and learning about the different ways to get FlashGet to do its stuff.

What's the meaning behind those funny icons?

The FlashGet menu items explained.

Managing files
Getting those files organized.

Interface settings
Doing things your way. Changing this and that for a better FlashGet experience.

Tools > Options. All those tabs explained! This is the heart of FlashGet.

Site Explorer
Browse Ftp&Http Site.

Frequently-Asked Questions.

Credit where credit is due.