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Q.Some windows (like the main job list window) don't display information. What's wrong?
A.Run regedit, and delete the following key in your registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JetCar\JetCar\Main Frame

Q.Clicking on X only minimizes FlashGet.
A.This is by design. The purpose is to prevent users from accidentally closing down the program. If you want to shut it down completely, simpley right-click on the FlashGet icon in your traybar and choose Exit.
Advanced users:
Add the following entry to the registry table if you wish to close it down when clicking on the X Close button rather than minimizing it

Q.Lost advert.dll?
A.Delete the advert.dll in windows system directory then reinstall FlashGet.

Q.How come the speed decreases when 99% were done?
A.When the download is near completion, there are only a few bytes/kilobytes left, so FlashGet only uses one or two Jets (splits) to download. In addition, if the jets were badly connected, FlashGet would wait until it times out and would then connect again.

Q.DLL required and a device not functioning problems (especially in Windows95)
A.These occur because some DLLs required by FlashGet do not exist or are not the right version. Please install DCOM98 for Windows98 or DCOM95 for Windows95

Q."Failed to create empty document" occurs when running FlashGet.
A.1.Install a new version of Microsoft's Common Control
2.Install DCOM98 for Windows98 or DCOM95 for Windows95
3.Default download datebase(default.jcd) is corrupted, please use backup download database(default.bk1,default,bk2,default.bk3) recover it.

Q.FlashGet will auto close about five seconds
A.This is problem of ad system(it only occur in few computers, we will fix it in later vesion). but now please delete cd_clint.dll under windows system directory let flashget work at shareware mode.

Q.Toolbar display incorrect
A.This is problem of display card driver. please update display car driver.

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