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Addons for FlashGet

It's so easy for you to control FlashGet from your application using DDE or COM. Download the sample written by Visual Basic and Visual c++. The same technique can be used with other programming languages.
The FlashCheck is a free add-on program for FlashGet. It allows you to easily send URLs to be downloaded with FlashGet on your computer from any other computer by just sending an email.

The best example is if you have two computers, one with a slow modem connection to the Internet (Home) and another with a fast, always-on connection to the Internet (Work).

You can browse and find files to download on the home computer, and when you find something you want, send a simple mail message so the work computer will download the file. When you next go to the work computer, you can easily bring the completed file home on a ZIP disk*!
There are many other possible uses as well: sharing downloads between friends, getting everyone in an office to download the latest virus scanner updates, sending downloads home from work so the latest game demo is waiting when you get home, etc.
FlashCheck also is a fast speed mail checking and notification program runs under Win9x/NT/2000.

FlashCheck 0.57b

You will need a POP mail account where the special FlashCheck emails will be sent. This can be your usual mail account (but if possible, it is better to use a separate account so your normal mail program won't get the command mails instead.)
Install the FlashCheck on a computer with FlashGet

How it works:
Send an email with the subject :%FlashGet% -dl URL -psw Password
The FlashCheck will periodically check that email account for the special message to start a downloading a URL.
That's it!


GDGenerator is a add-on program that generates download lists. Those
lists can be read by FlashGet (and by many other download managers), but

they can also be saved as .html files contaning all the given
information about the list.
This download list generator is very customizable thanks to some
features, such as an automatic number generator and a powerfull list
which let's you create almost any list you might need.
Currently the program is available in two languages, English and
Spanish, and distributed as freeware.


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