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Q.Can I put a link to flashget.com from my web site?
A.Yes (and feel free to use any of the images or animations here or from the FlashGet web site too.)

Send any good FlashGet images you've created and would like to share!

Q.How download from boxup.com?
A.This site use CGI re-directs to files confuse IE and FlashGet. Please install Opera and install FlashGet Oprea plug-in.FlashGet will get the correct URLs.

Q.How download from freedrive.com?
A.FreeDrive.com can be configured to use FlashGet, but it takes a few steps to set it up. (Before any of these steps, you of course need to sign up with FreeDrive.com) Log on to your FreeDrive account.Switch to the Administration tab in FreeDrive, then pick the "Edit My Profile" item. Uncheck the "Auto Download" item on your profile. Log out, then log back in.Now, when you pick to download a file in FreeDrive the popup window will have a "Download Now" link. Just Drag it to FlashGet drop zone or select "Download using FlashGet" from context menu

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